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Request to optimize "Discount" - PM014 - 10-10-2016

Dear partners,

There are two ways to create Discount Codes:

1. The same fixed discount for all services (rooms and extras).
2. "Discount only" rooms. Those rooms would be available for booking ONLY with the Discount Code (Allotment).

Could you make it possible to exclude EXTRA, or make ability to choose rooms and EXTRAs for creating "Discount code"?

RE: Request to optimize "Discount" - pink - 10-11-2016

hello Pavel,
we are working, among many things, to the modification of discount codes.
I can not give you detailed information to the realization time, but we've got it in the roadmap.
Best regards, Andrea.

RE: Request to optimize "Discount" - PM014 - 10-13-2016

Hello, Andrea

Thank's for the answer.
We'll hope that it could be realised!