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Restriction plans on Tabla - CD031 - 09-25-2017


I use 5 extra restriction plans (and associated virtual rate plans) on top of the main one for booking.com and Expedia.
However managing these restriction plans is quite a challenge.
By managing I mean opening and closing dates, changing the minimum stay.
It would be GREAT if there would be a view in tabla that would display all restriction plans on one single view, for each apartment/room.
Like that one could see easily which dates are open/closed for each plan, for each room.



RE: Restriction plans on Tabla - white - 09-27-2017

Hi CD031.

Uhm not sure I get you :(
Because the way to view the info of closures in Tabla is the same to see MinStay or other restrictions..

Am I missing something? Could you please be more specific please?


RE: Restriction plans on Tabla - CD031 - 09-27-2017

Yes, I'll try.
I use 5 different restriction plans. Wubook restrictions + 4 virtual ones.
Now as tabla is, I have to go to the top of the page and select first a rate plan in "prices" and then the corresponding restriction plan in "restrictions". And I have to do this every time I want to work on a specific restriction plan. Also, if I come back after a few days, I don't remember what I did any more, and I cannot easily visualize what is happening (I check booking.com calendar now to see this).
If I had a custom view where the first line would be Wubook parity/restrictions and then the following 4 would be the other restriction plans, then it would be very ergonomic.
You may ask yourself why I do this?
Imagine that I have a "hole" of 5 nights December 15 to 20. Then I put a minimum stay of 5 nights on Wubook rate, a minimum stay of 4 nights with higher price on rate nr 2 and a minimum stay of 3 nights with an even higher price on rate nr 3. Like this I can also get customers who want to stay less nights and for whom the price is not so important.
This is because in the apartment business, selling one or two nights is very difficult as fixed cost per booking are much higher than for hotels.
So this is why. With this I can get an acceptable price for my 5 nights "hole" no matter how long the guests stay.

Hope it's clearer now...