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Channels in Zak : How to - DG112 - 06-20-2019

TL;DR : Can you make a very clear and explicit how-to for using this function ?

It seems that now we can manage the channels (booking.com, ...) directly from Zak.

1. No official announce for such an important feature ? Is it still alpha/beta ?
2. I read https://wubook.net/zks/pos/channels/howtowod about how to manage it.

May be it is clear for the developper who create it, and it seems an easy workflow, but for us, end users (at least for me), some points are mysterious, not clear, And i will **not** use it because it can create such a bad impact and a mess on the way I manage reservations from the old way and this new one.

So it would be really helpfull to have a detailed how-to, with screen capture ?
We really appreciate the hard work you put on evolutions, but without proper information about news, new features and how to use them, it is sometimes useless.

Thanks in advance.