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Zak news for the early 2022: restaurant module, Whatsapp links and much more! - lime - 12-17-2021


we will start 2022 with a series of innovations that we are working on
for months. They are ready, and the idea was to publish them before
Christmas. But we preferred to postpone to make sure we have full teams:
so the release is planned for January 10, immediately after the "Befana"
(so called in Italy the religious feast of the Epiphany, on 06 January).

Here, in order of importance, is what are we cooking:

  * Kylix: Restaurant module

    Finally, after so many months of effort, here we are:
    Zak will have a restaurant module. And, despite being the first
    version, it is already quite advanced. In particular:

      1. Management of multiple menus
      2. All menus accessible Online via QR
      3. Management of multiple areas
      4. App for waiters to manage orders
      5. Printing of orders via web
      6. Integrated management of reservations boards,
        including table management for guests of the
      7. Ingredients, allergens and variations

    Kylix, as generally happens for any novelty, will be FREE for
    3 months.

  * Receipts without Cash Register (Italy only)

    We are happy to announce this possibility for our Italian properties:
    Zak knows how to connect your digital AE account and can issue
    commercial documents (receipts) from your PMS interface.


    It is no longer necessary to have a physical cash desk. And the
    receipt process does not is minimally affected, remaining integrated
    and easy1.

  * WhatsApp Links

    On several pages of the control panel, a small one icon will allow
    You to open a WhatsApp chat with your customers, using right now the
    WhatsApp web interface.
    We have also been considering for weeks to have a connectivity with
    a Certified Partner for the management of WhatsApp Biz.
    Complications exist. They have also been explained here and there on
    the forum. In particular, I want to sincerely thank RL074 for the
    precious collaboration:

    This is a first version, so: you will see that the future developments
    will bring so much more automation, up to get to CRM.

Finally, we mention other things that will certainly be in release:

  * Sytar: multiple product selection is done per "checkbox", as proposed
    on the forum.

  * Costing Report: on the reservation detail page it will appear a new
    feature: Bill. It is a detailed and printable report and of all costs
    of a reservation.

  * Broom Paper: tasks of the day, that are yet to be checked, will be
    listed in "Deserving Attention" notifications area.

  * Generic Payment Gateway: Zak will have a layer of connection that will
    allow to manage any payment gateway.

  * Online Reception and Google Analytics: now we communicate to Google
    reservations amounts on the Goal page (reservations confirmed)

  * Extras and availability
    While inserting extras, the residual availability will be shown.
    It is not a stop pf sales, but only an internal information.

As I mentioned, all these things have already been completed.
We have decided to postpone just to manage better the update.
And durin the holidays, we will continue to work.

It is therefore not unlikely that we will also be able to cook:

  * Order Rooms on Zak Online Reception
  * Expiring Options: automatic messaging management
  * As per forum proposals, structural and big improvements
    on the editing of the rooms (reservation detail page)

Thanks for the attention.

Good luck and happy holidays to all!