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Small September Release - lime - 09-06-2022


we're here to announce a new set of improvements for Zak, ours
beloved hotel management software.

This is not a strong release: after two difficult years, August was
dedicated to holidays and so on. And let's hope the touristic season
is gone good for all of You, ready to host those who, after a long
period, have finally been able to allow some relaxation.

But let's get to the point. The release is scheduled for tomorrow,
Tuesday 6 September.

Improvements are scattered: here is a list that may not be complete,
but certainly representative of the most important things.

  1. Kylix: restaurant module. The Kylix project continues to grow.
      This time we listened to those who needed important details.
      In particular, it will be possible to place on orders off-menu
      dishes, with completly customizable names and costs.

      Before issuing tax documents, it becomes possible to retouch
      prices. And, if necessary, specify discounts on each individual

      Even the mobile tool of the restaurant module has something more:
      waiters can easily print a preview of the bill.
      Furthermore, once again with regard to taxation, it is possible
      to set a prefix for the documents issued by Kylix, thus
      differentiating the origin of the documents. And subsequently
      have an easier reading of the incoming.
      2. Online Checkin: since many of You reported guests' poor accuracy
      when entering the date of birth, we developed a small graphic module.
      The hope is that it will increase the accuracy of your customers.
      More on Online Checkin: in a recent release, we made Zak smart in
      requesting the fields that customers have to fill in. If the PII
      module is active, Zak automatically selects the mandatory fields.
      However, we have added a new option: you can arbitrarily choose the
      fields that Zak will make mandatory. The reasons are various. In some
      countries, PII is not used (in France, for example, hoteliers do not
      communicate customer data to the police). In these cases, the option
      was unusable. On the other hand, regardless of PII, some customers
      wanted additional fields.
      3. MrPreno: the connectivity to MrPreno has been greatly improved as
      regards the booking integration process. Information relating to the
      cancellation policy and information relating to payments are also
      integrated. There is also an option to choose whether or not to
      assign a room to inbound reservations. And several corrections of
      4. Cleaning management, Broom paper: on the zView, in the event that
      a reservation setup and a room setup are not the same, Zak flashes a
      warning again, in order to alert You to a possible misunderstanding.
      The mobile management of your staff has been enriched with more
      information on the reservations (for example the room setup set on
      the reservation in addition to the one manually controlled).
      5. Recently, we have introduced the Checkin/Checkout procedure: a
      dedicated workflow. It opens easily with the first icon on the right
      menu. Here, several structural improvements are on the way.
      On each reservation, an icon will appear in case there are extras.
      By hovering the mouse over the icon, there is a quick and complete
      preview of all the extras consumed.
      The warning relating to possible discrepancies with the City Tax has
      been greatly improved and will have greater accuracy. Nevertheless,
      we remind you that it is essential to check the accuracy of the data
      during Checkin (or Checkout depending on your policies). There is no
      industrial system for the city tax that can be said to be truly
      automatic. As you know, we have chosen to adopt a "technology assisted"
      approach in this case, so that the necessary manual operations are
      extremely fast.
      Still relating to the Checkin/Checkout procedure, we point out the
      possibility of filtering: you can filter reservations by arrival and
      departure, for example. Making your views more comfortable.
      6. Planner: Since more than one has asked for it, we have made available
      an option to use Tetris in a strictly vertical manner. If enabled, when
      you click on Tetris, Zak will ask if you want vertical or free mode.
      Since this option, once enabled, requires an extra click to start Tetris
      mode, and since not everyone has this need, the option must be explicitly
      activated in the Planner configuration page.
      7. Meal Report: half board policies can now be customized. For example,
      it can be specified if the Half Board includes lunches rather than
      dinners. And the meal report will take this into account later, during
      the data processing.
      8. Zak's Minisites and Online Reception will also be available in
      Estonian language.
      9. Online Reception Widget: the page has been renewed. And we've added
      the ability to configure links and widgets with pre-set discounts.
      10. The Extras report had a limit. In the case of an important use of
      extras services, it was difficult to have a global perspective.
      We overcame it by making the report exportable, similar to all the
      exports we have on Zak.
      11. Both on the vouchers of your reservations and on the control panel,
      we will show, from now on, the name of the City Tax taking into account
      your possible personalization of the name. We recommend that you check
      the City Tax settings on the Settings/Taxes section.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
Finally, know that a new version of the Online Reception is coming.
With some features that we hope You will enjoy a lot. Like:

  1. Multi date reservation
  2. Tour packages
  3. Customizable graphic themes

Stay tuned!