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Booking Engine Filter Logic
(01-07-2014, 04:23 AM)DC041 Wrote: I understand what you are saying. And there is some logic there. I still think it is much easier though to show ALL accommodation types for the given number of guests rather than a small subset that exactly fits the number of guests. I think in your method there is a risk that guests will think that there are no other options and leave the site.

I should also say, I have never seen this method used anywhere else. In general, all of the BE's I have used show all options for the number of guests. Does that make it better or more correct. No, just more usual.

However, and here is the bigger problem. We are looking at ways of adding a search box on our website that pre-loads the from / to dates and the number of guests and then fetches and displays the results on a page, perhaps using fount / wired / alien. If the number of guests is let's say, 2 people, then by existing logic, only a 1-bed apartment will be returned and this could make the guest think that is all we have available. Of course in reality, all accommodations are suitable for 2 people, 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed villa. So we risk losing the client.

I am trying to think ahead here Daniele. The Online Reception is very good and we can turn off the filter or live with the filter logic. My concern is with the downstream solution and how this is affected by Wubook design and structure.

Of course, I am coming at this from a position of not fully understanding how we will integrate the booking engine into our websites. With other BE solutions it is easier to understand, simple SOAP functions using an XML library. We have done this before. Here we are having to learn a new way of integrating the BE so perhaps my questions / logic are impaired and we will have a better solution with wubook.

Many thanks for joining this discussion.


Uhm, there is a point which I would call philosofical here and it is the following. Please follow me:
I land on your webpage. I find photos, infos, descriptions and so on. Then finally I'd like to check availability and/or prices so I click on the reservation botton. In that moment, it's possible I already have precise dates of stay at your property...or not!!
Let's say I have them, so I put them in the boxes and check for availability. I get results after it and here comes our philosophy: I would have results as well by only clicking on "show availbility", with no dates, no occupancy, no info. We do not want to frustrate users (potential customers) who will quit soon if not able to get easy and fast info from the tool. The Magic Calendar is a clear element of it!

It happens sometimes, I try to book hotels and to get a quote from their booking engine I got frustrated to have to specify so many details before having at least a simple quotation. Many pop up saying "please, select a date!" or "specify number of people" or "specify room type" and so on.

I really feel this is the opposite I am looking for.

And sometimes the most funny is that after specifying all the details (loss of time, really) I get a message from the bookign engine "I am sorry we have no rooms available"!!!

This works for hotels, hostels, apartments, bungalows, bycicle, motos, cars, whatever you want to book. Make it easy means to improve conversions..

But as always, it's my opinion!

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