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New Online Reception and CRM
Dear zakers,

we are finally ready to publish the fruits of the efforts of the last months:
the new version of the Online Reception. And also the incipit of a new service
on Zak: a quotation system, but developed with the idea of evolving it
towards CRM technologies.

We have decided to publish the new online reception in an *optional* way.
So don't worry: it's not our intention to ruin the season.
The old online reception will remain available at least until the autumn.
Most likely until 2024.

Nothing will be changed. The new version will be accessible in beta test mode.
Also with the aim of consolidation: the work is large and despite an obsessive
commitment in the pre-release testing phase, going on air is always another

For those who want (20 slots available for Internationals markets), we can
replace the old reception with the new one. The widget you have on the site will
come up slightly edited (but not graphically, so you won't have to do any
additional work on your site) and will point to the new version.
Also for those who have a Mini site, a similar argument applies: by switching
to the new one, the site will include it automatically.

Now let's get to the real work.

For the new version of the Online Reception we have targeted:

  1. First of all, the previous version's troubleshooting.
    For example the confusion generated by the request for multiple rooms.
    Or from the Best Solution.

    The concept is simple: you add one room at a time to your cart.
    You specify which room you are looking for, with which occupancy and the
    answer is clear and limpid.
    So you no longer need to select the occupancy for each room, subsequently.

    Searching for several rooms with different occupancies is still possible,
    with one dedicated tool and flow: the system responds with the Best
    Solution in this case.

  2. Even the choice of board becomes easier: the option appears clearly
    next to each room.

    And along with the board option, we've improved it a lot as well
    the selection of the room setup (twin, dbl etc). As for meals,
    the choice becomes crystal clear as you add a room to the cart.

  3. The choice of dates is inspired by some market analyzes we have done.
    Instead of using a classic double calendar, we have designed a theme,
    actually already present on the market, but quite new and certainly

    Once the arrival date has been selected, on the right appear all and
    only the compatible departure dates. With relative "starting price".
    With the information - precious and immediately visible - of the costs.

    More aware choice by the customer but also reduction of clicks for
    the selection of the appropriate rate.

  4. Design: We spent a lot of energy on design. Considering every comma.
    Every size. By adapting everything for the mobile.

    I want to mention the global concept of the system itself. But also small,
    precious details, such as Flexible Dates. The presentation of the details of
    the rooms and the cart.

    The representation of prices has been revised to increase readability both
    of the initial price and of the discounted final price.
    And to add more transparency and usability.

  5. Cart and product information: much more details, accessible with simple

  6. Holiday Packages. We finally developed the packages on Zak as well.
    With some innovations.

    In particular, the packages can have more stays, with a variable price
    depending on the number of nights. They have dedicated presentations and
    can be shared with a link.

    You can choose to create a carousel of packages that appears on the
    room search page. And set filters by date of arrival and date of
    booking (for example by limiting the sale of some packages only at
    certain times of the year or by limiting the availability of packages
    depending on the day or period of arrival).

    Or for example, you can first prepare and then publish packages with
    bookable date in the future. In order to preannounce customers a future
    opportunity: this involves a more effective "coming back" of customers.

    You can also decide to promote the packages with "crossed out price",
    putting on display - and underlining it - the offer you have in mind.

    Obviously, the packages are made up of rooms or physical rooms.
    And also of Extras. And the system will calculate the availability of
    your rooms and yours extras automatically.

    Finally: the passage from the room selection to the package showcase is
    fast and always in sight.

  7. Page extras: upselling. We have introduced categories of extras. In this
    way solves the problem for those who have many. On the Extras selection
    page products can be filtered by:

      Room amenities

    Properties, with many extras, will be able to count on the fact that their
    guests will be able to better select the opportunities they need or desire.

    Finally: Extras are now presented clearly, legibly, via an immediately
    representative image (we recommend You to use captivating images!)

  8. Customization of styles. 7 color modes are finally available. Over time,
    we will not have particular limits: we will be able to expand them.

    In addition, 9 categories of background images and textures are already
    available. Dozens and dozens of images, categorized and qualitative.

    Together, they make probably a few hundred presets we hope you may
    consider excellent.

    Of course, we still accept custom images as backgrounds.

    I also mention the Preview technology: immediate, so you can choose
    style with great simplicity.

  9. City tax: given that it is almost impossible to be precise on the city
    tax amount for many areas of Italy and the world, we have foreseen the
    possibility of issuing custom, analogical texts relating to City Tax.

    Where Zak's digital system leaks, due to the well-known complexities
    of the context, you will be able to intervene by publishing texts in
    the language and inform your customers more accurately.

  10. Multi stay reservations. It is now possible to book different rooms with
      different stays. We know that the majority of sales are for a single room.
      And that bookings with multiple rooms only rarely need different dates.

      However, let's hope that even this little great feature, which it is not
      easy and probably rare on the market, mights add value to your work.
      It was, after all, requested by several users. Here it is.

  11. Rooms and capacity. If you set the square meters of your rooms, they will be
      viewable on the Online Reception during the booking.

Let's also dedicate some room to what will probably become the CRM by Zak.
It is mainly an advanced quotation system and well-designed, combined with
management tools to send and archive the offers you make to your customers.

Here is a list of features.

  1. The possibility of making free quotes and with multiple offers for each
    single customer. By handing them a dedicated link (obviously the integration
    with the templating system, messaging and email branding is complete).

    Every offer is free. In the cancellation policy. In the method of
    guarantees. In the rooms. In the extras and in the prices. So that you can
    offer the customer different alternatives and be more captivating.

    Then the customer will be able to confirm one of your offers autonomously.

    The quotes are also characterized by other good qualities: you can insert
    completely personalized texts (but also automated ones, again using
    templating system).

    And the booking process is very caring for yours customers: the customer
    is quoted during the confirmation phase. The fields are pre-filled.
    We tried to treat it with kid gloves, in so that your shop window is as
    pleasant as possible.

  2. The quotation page allows for a messaging system. And the requests
    of customers sent from this page will be integrated within each quote,
    constituting a historical and communicative archive

    You will be able to reply to their messages very quickly and inform them.
    Or modify, if necessary, the offers proposed.

  3. Quotation requests collected by the Online Reception or by your
    Minisites will be transformable with maximum comfort into ad hoc quotes,
    when you want it.

    It is also our intention to evaluate many updates in the future,
    as an example:

      a. a small tool to insert on your sites (for those who don't use
          Zak's Minisites) to collect commercial requests by integrating
          them to the CRM and manage them directly from Zak

      b. set up a mechanism to create quote requests via email

      c. an integration with Whatsapp

      d. reports and stats
  4. There is already a system for managing work. Quotes and requests
    estimates can be archived, searched and managed with ease.
    And a handy Dash, where you can get an overview of the situation.

Il servizio CRM di preventivazione sara' gratuito per i prossimi mesi. Come
abbiamo gia' sottolineato, ci sono miglioramenti di cui abbiamo ambizione.
L'idea e' quella di svilupparlo ulteriormente prima di renderlo un servizio
a pagamento aggiuntivo. Nonostante il sistema sia gia' ben usabile e per
alcuni versi gia' produttivo e completo, quantomeno per un certo target di

Infine: speriamo di avere lavorato nella direzione giusta. Di avere prodotto
qualcosa di utile e prezioso per il vostro lavoro.

Si chiude in oltre un altro capitolo di Zak. Oltre al nascente CRM, che e'
nostra intenzione evolvere, l'idea e' quella di avere il tempo e le energie
necessarie per concentrarci sulla Mobile App.

The CRM quotation service will be free for the next few months. As we have
already pointed out, there are improvements that we have ambitions for.
The idea is to develop it further before making it a service for additional
payment. Although the system is already well usable and for some functionalities
already productive and complete, at least for a certain target of properties.

Finally: we hope we have worked in the right direction, to made something
useful and valuable for your work.

Another chapter of Zak also closes. In addition to the CRM to be, which is
our intention to evolve, the idea is to have the time and energy needed to
focus on the Mobile App.

Thank you all for your attention and for your trust.

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