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Adding html on Room description
Dear Sir, I am partner and i am starting a campaign on my country.

As wubook partners in Greece our competition is webhotelier.

One of the most important things that is a minus for us is how room description appears.

On wubook is very poor and doesnt accept anything but simple text. Not even <strong>.

We would really need to have the ability to add html in the description! If the fields can take html the view of description would be much better and its very important to try not to have minus points if we want to "fight" the competition.

This is the main request.

I forwarded to developement team also a suggestion on how the pics on the room and the discription appears.

The images on full width booking engine align left and right living a space in between and also if someone wants to add lets say 8 images it would be a huge drop down.

Check the attachment how nice it appears. and think all this information on wubook description.

For us is very important to make some changes so we will have the ability to vs properly our competition

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you are right about your points: we can improve something there.
However, we cannot improve these things now: we are too busy.

Let me just tell you that the Images are something we already know and we will improve them asap, probably during the next months.

I don't know if we will allow HTML descriptions. The fact is that
this tool can compromise the entire layout of the booking in the
case it's badly used. But this too has been annotated and we will
evaluate again!!

Thank you so much for your kind and professional contribution.
Let us know if we can help you further!
Dear all,

please let me also make a consideration regarding images.

In my personal opinion (I am a traveller as well!) I check images on hotel websites. I buy through images so I know it is important to show good and big images.

But on the website, beside the room description probably.

Once I like the place, I like the way it is shown, I like the room types they have (cause I saw big photos and detailed descriptions), I go to check availability. Once the availability result shows me the list of rooms available, I need (here image is important) to recognize with a reminder (a small photo is enough) the room type I prefer.

I mean that small photos on the reservations widget, during the reservation process, will remind me of a previous check and control I did on the website.

But when I am on the reservation process, I just want to book! I do not need to see photo details. I know that room. I just want to be fast and finish the reservation process.

My decision is taken. :)

Bigger photos, longer descriptions, unuseful details will slow down the page and so are just blockages on my way.

But anyway, it is my opinion and my way to do things.
Again, thanks to give us the chance to discuss these important and interesting topics! :D

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