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Proposal for wubook online reservation
Hello, recently we've found an italian website with very interesting online reservation option. The online reservation suggests customer to like the hotel in facebook and get a special discount for clicking "like" button in facebook. Please, look at this link: http://www.hotelmastino.it/reservations/ There you have to select appropriate dates and click SEARCH. You will see this facebook discount offer next to every room. We think such option would be very usefull to have also in WuBook online reservation. What do you think?
Hello and thanks for sharing thoughts.

My (personal) opinion is that to require personal info (the login of FB does it) is kind of blocking the reservation process, not let it flew rapidly. And overall, if you make an offer, why not to use the website of the Hotel and to prefer a social (and also a not professional one) media? Huh

The only answer I can have in this case is a possible Facebook commercial Campaign. So, the first question could be: how high s the impact of a FB campaign? I repeat, in my opinion is really few.

We have data of reservations coming from our Application for FB and they are really poor. The data are "saying" that guests maybe follow you on FB, or Twitter but do use them to make reservations.

So, which is your experience?

Hello from Italy,

thanks white to point out the interesting post and thanks PN003 for your intervention. In fact, we registered few users asking the same thing. Sincerily, we always took time. I don't know if this option can work (work= improve conversions). For sure, it decreases earnings, because no one will not profit of this offer, given the facebook distribution :)

Maybe it can add an "addictive" emotion (the booking engine honouring my precious FB Account!!).

Anyway, I will forward again this request to our Online Reception department: maybe it's easy to be done and, given again the Facebook distribution, it can be interesting and appreciated by our users.

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