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Our API: a solution for every partner

Property Manager Software

If you have a Property Manager System and you want to embed a powerful Channel Manager to it

Revenue Manager Software

If you have a Revenue Manager Software and you want to distribute the inventory online with seamless integrations

Online Travel Agencies

If you are an OTA, a TTOO or any other agency online and you want to be listed onto our Channel Manager partners list

Payment gateways

if you provide Payment Processes to allow hotels and apartments owners to seamlessly make charges transactions

Booking Engines

if you have a reservation system and you want to be connected to a Channel Manager 2-ways

Complementary APPs

if you offer an APP that helps property owners to make check-ins, to increase guests loyalty, if you provide CRM or any other Hotel oriented APP.

Become a Tech Partner

Connect your PMS (Property Management System)

Build a seamless integration to our powerful Channel Manager and enhance the service you offer to your customers. Integrating our API means being able to manage from your platform all the distribution operations such as updating OTAs prices, availabilities, restrictions and import all the reservations automatically into your planner. Boost your revenue allowing your partners to streamline the day to day workflow managing their online sales 100% on your interface.

  • Reliable System
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Simple Management
Connect your PMS

Connect your RMS (Revenue Management Software)

Get instant distribution on OTAs, Metasearch and other Online Distributors via API with a seamless integration. You can read availability data, reservations prices and paths in order to set up the perfect Revenue management strategy through your software and reach the right audience for all your customers.

  • Sophisticated pricing management
  • Automatic anchorages of rates
  • Optimizer Distribution tool
Connect your RMS

Connect your OTA (Online Travel Agency)

We are one of the leaders in Channel Manager for the Hospitality business segment and we already connect with more than 130 Online Travel Agencies in XML-2-way. Our experience in developing strong and reliable connection therough API allowed us to grow our portfolio of accommodation partners and become a worldwide provider. Be listed among our partners will open a chance of increasing the business volumes for our network.

  • Preferred partner of leading OTAs
  • Solid experience in connecting online platforms
  • An Hotel portfolio of more than 13k properties worldwide
Connect your OTA

Connect your Payment Gateway

We work worldwide and for this reason we manage thousands of transactions every day. Guests from many different countries need to pay theirs stay to our affiliated accommodations with easy processes, programmatical and secure systems. If you provide Payment Gateways that can enhance the workflow and reduce transaction costs, we want to talk!

  • Thousands of transactions every day
  • Worldwide partner portfolio
  • PCI DSS 3.2
Connect your Payment Gateway

Connect your Booking Engine

Add value to your offer being connected to a channel manager and automatize the process of managing reservations and prices from your dashboard or receiving updates from an external system. You have either the chance to maintain the customer on your screen or to be a point of sales for it. You can be listed among other 130 partners and increase visibility reachin out more thatn 13k properties worldwide.

  • Connected to more than 13k properties worldwide
  • Seamless integration
  • Be listed among 130 other partners
Connect your Booking Engine

Connect your APP

If you have an APP to make check-in, to generate smart keys or to control the access of properties and rooms, then you can access thousands of properties that requires such kind of service. Connect our API to be able to offer your tools to more than 13k properties worldwide, with a seamless integration and a continuos support, you will boost your revenue adding specific and unique value to the market

  • Boost revenue
  • Increase portfolio
  • Additional Value
Connect your APP

Check out our API documentation and get connected