WooDoo Channel Manager

WooDoo Channel Manager is fast, reliable and integrable to your Booking Engine or PMS

Sell all your rooms on all your connected booking sites at the same time. When a booking is made, when you close a room to sale, or when you want to make changes to your inventory, it will automatically update your availability in real-time.

Connect your favourite OTAs

OTAs help you to connect your hotel property or chain of hotels to a global audience.

Avoid situations of overbooking

Manage, update and synchronize availabilities and prices of your rooms on all the OTAs.

Distribute your inventory everywhere

Make your rooms spread all over the world and be competitive for all your visitors.

Instant access to rates and availability

Check real time updates and manage your activity to respond quickly to fluctuating demand.

Discover how many OTAs we're connecting

A professional and easy to use solution to manage your online sales

Real time Dashboard to check prices and availability

Tabla is the daily data calendar. It is the tool with which you can view and edit all daily data (availability, prices, restrictions and so on) day by day and for each room or virtual room of the structure. The Tabla allows you to act on every daily rate plan and daily restrictions plan. Tabla contains a day navigator, a tool that allows you to display the days of interest by indicating a start date and a number of following days to have an extended view.

How to manage seasonality

Sytar allows you to change room data (availability, prices, restrictions and many other) for several days and/or more rooms. You can update Prices, Availability or Restrictions for one or multiple rooms between a range of dates at the same time with a single click. Sytar allows rapid extensive editing. From the Sytar section, you can consult the graph of the parameter you are changing so that you can have a glance at the values over a year. 


Precise booking details

All bookings entered in WuBook by OTA portals through the Woodoo channel manager are present in the section "reservations" in which you can find all the data collected by WooDoo. The reservation detail page consists of several sections, some of them are by default: portal of origin, id code, client information, date of booking, rooms booked. Others are shown depending on the availability of specific services: extras, credit card payment, OTA information.


Connect your Metasearch and drive more booking. Make it easier to compare and book hotels that are found across the web. It is not used only to sell your rooms, but it also permit to promote your property.





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