ZAK Channel Manager and Metasearch

A software to distribute and manage your inventory online directly from ZAK

Whatever accommodation you run, do it with a fast and reliable Channel Manager

What is it?

A simple calendar with prices, availability and restrictions that updates OTAs (Booking, Expedia, Airbnb and many more) automatically

Why a Channel Manager?

To stay in sync with all the main OTAs of the Hospitality market. You need to distribute your inventory easily and worldwide

How to use it

So easy that you can do it on your Phone while watching your favourite TV series in Netflix

Distribute your rooms online..

.. and discover a world of OTAs to connect with

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Manage and connect your Metasearch directly on ZAK

Discover new connections with your favourite Metasearch and find out our list of channels:


Google for Hotels enriches the user experience and enables travellers to search hotels and complete their booking and payment with partners directly on Google, without being redirected to the partner’s site. Users can complete their hotel reservation easily with the payment information stored in their Google account. And, last but not least, while the Book-on-Google booking is made within Google, the hotel is still the owner of the booking information.

  • Capture more direct bookings
  • Improve hotel search experience
  • A top-performing booking engine


Trivago compares hotel prices from hundreds of travel sites, including yours and travelers are able to select your rate and they will be redirect to your fully responsive website booking page to complete their reservation. Trivago Express Booking fast tracks the booking process for users while maintaining your brand presence.

  • Expand your business
  • Turn clicks into bookings
  • Promote your accomodation

Find out why the ZAK Channel Manager is so performing:

Our level of integration with the OTAs has become very high and allows you a full control of the channel directly from ZAK

Safe and reliable

The stability and reliability of our Channel Manager is backed by our partners, the OTAs themselves, but is also supported by numbers. More than 50k OTA IDs connected, almost 35M reservations managed and more than 70 servers hosting our updates. With our latest developments now we provide a tool to check consistency of data on OTA, to allow you to check yourself if all is working fine.

  • Distributed on more than 70 servers worldwide
  • Long and wide experience working with OTAs
  • Used to manage huge volumes

Fast: really fast!

Updating an OTA or any other point of sale should be immediate in order to avoid Overbookings and other unsatisfactory experiences for your guests. We take particular care of the speed of our updates, in order to reduce as much as possible these uncomfortable situations. And, in transparency as we have always been doing so far, we publish the length of each update our software sends to OTAs.

  • Fast like a flash
  • Precise and optimized on its updates
  • Automatic

Same Rates everywhere? Just if you want it

Having the Parity Rate on all your OTAs could benefit your brand. However, if you choose to activate different pricing strategies for each OTA, we offer you the automatic setting to derive rates from a standard rate. Derivations may include percentages or fixed numbers. You can also enter different restrictions for different partners.

  • Sophisticated pricing management
  • Automatic derivation of rates
  • Optimizer Distribution tool

Rates and Restrictions Calendar

A single calendar with 2 different interfaces to make entering your prices simple and immediate! We know that some of you don't need to handle just a few restrictions - that's why we've created 2 different interfaces. You can freely choose what to display: if you work only with prices and availability, you are not obliged to also display the minimum stay or the maximum advance, for example.

  • Easy and Intuitive
  • Total Control
  • Customizable

Our numbers support us

We are serving a lot of partners and we became experts in distribution on OTAs and tour Operators


Accommodations using WuBook


Reservations managed





Other features of ZAK Channel Manager

Discover all the other features

Pool Inventory

When you receive a reservation or a cancellation, availability is automatically adjusted and sent to the rest of OTAs

Multi Property compatible

You will be able to manage on one unique calendar all your units, even if in you have more than one calendar

Prices Derivation

Set up the derivations for your rates and reduce the manual changes to the minimum. Zak will update data consequently.

Import archive

To import new reservations is easy but to import your archive of OTAs reservation is much better. We do that!

Android and iOS APP

A fully dedicated APP mobile to ZAK, to close sales, change prices, add reservations and many others crucial features.

Sell your Products

Sell ​​all possible occupations for your rooms and products. Optimize and increase your OTA sales.

Get your inventory from OTAs

During the configuration there is no need to copy rates and restrictions, but you can Import them directly from your OTAs!


Sell ​​your entire property as a whole or single units. ZAK Will close the sale automatically based on what was sold.


Check your channel updates. Maximum transparency: you can monitor our software whenever you want, independently

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