How it works

All-In-One place

Our All-In-One solution has been built to be easy, fast and reliable.


In 10 minutes you can be already online managing your (and other OTAs) account from WuBook with all your rates, restrictions and correct availability. In few simple steps you can create room types and units, generate your rates and connect to OTAs.


We will import the data you have on them and connect to manage them from a centralized calendar that will overwrite data automatically on all your partner calendar. You select at which rate and condition you want to sell your rooms and that's all.


Just sit down and relax. Things will flow…

Do it easy, Do it fast!

Create Room types and Units

Creating rooms and units is the base to upload products on our platform. With few simple clicks you will be able to create them and generate the structure to better sell your products, including extras or special offers and different condition of selling:

  • Create Room types in few clicks
  • Give a clear and simple selling structure
  • Be attractive to your guests
  • Easy and fast to do

Import Data from OTAs

If you already are working with or Airbnb you can easily import from there all you price and restriction setup! Once room types and units are created, just connect your OTA profile with WuBook (it will take 5 minutes) and import all the inventory to avoid the action of filling prices and restriction manually. It seems magic but it is just smart technology!

  • Import your inventory from and Airbnb
  • Save time on uploading data
  • Avoid mistakes in reporting prices and restrictions
  • Import your archive of reservation

Manage your business

Once the OTAs are connected and reservations are integrated automatically on your planner, you can start to communicate with your guests, register their payments, build invoices and easily improve your management

  • Automatic messages to guests
  • Online Check-in tool
  • Document Scan to import Personal IDs
  • Register payments and build invoices

Increase sales

Increasing sales will be a natural consequence of your actions and we are here to help. Start publishing your offer on your website through our Booking Engine making special deals, discount codes to build customer loyalty, enhance your online presence with metasearch and many more

  • Get more reservations from your Website
  • Generate trust and loyalty with your customers
  • Increase visibility using Metasearch (Google and Trivago)
  • Enhance your Brand

What you will get with us

a quick list of advantages of working with us in this challenging adventure

Professional Support

Our account managers will support you from the beginning with personal online trainings, dedicated chats and frequent phone calls

Simple and agile UI

A very easy and friendly system to work with. No need to making complicated configuration steps. Work easy

Always up to date

We will stay in touch for any additional tool or feature that will help you to maintain your management competitive in the market

Cloud software

You do not need to install or download anything. Operations are automatically and safely backed up on our servers, always accessible


You are not under arrest! Leave whenever you want, pay for what you use. Your freedom is important for us


We do not collect your data to share them for any kind of use (internal or external). We want to stay on your side, the correct one