RateChecker - The Price Comparator

Monitor your competitors

and adjust your rates to be competitve

Select your competitors

Search for your competitors on your neighborhood, select them in terms of target and monitor the strategy they are applying

Prices and availability

Scan periodically and automatically the prices and availability that your competitors are publishing on Booking.com

Analyze trends

Compare data among different periods of time and different competitors will alow you to have an archive with commercial trends

Take advantage from your market Data

Be informed about others strategies and make conscious decisions on your pricing strategy

Check Prices and Availabilities

Select from the list available your most relevant competitors and keep their pricing strategies monitored in order to automatically scan rates and availability to compare and adapt your inventory on OTAs.

  • Select competitors
  • Monitor Prices
  • Stay competitive

Be Competitive

Take informed decisions when you change prices or commercial strategies on distributing your inventory. Being more competitve in price could be part of a long-term strategy with huge effects on your RevPar and having market trends under control could help you in your day-to-day taks

  • Data-driven
  • Follow Market trends
  • Keep informed