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WuBook is a leader in providing software solutions for the hospitality industry.


We provide software solutions with very flexible and affordable partnership conditions. These include a ready-to-use formula for Revenue managers, Webmasters, Agents and, more generally, for all those who provide services that require a valid and reliable technology.

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Our support is working hard every day, to provide you fast and helpful service. We are close to you and you will never feel alone.

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Growing up together means that both partners will benefit from the joint venture. If you're good, our clients need to know that.

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Your success is our success. We like sharing with you our know-how and tools to make you feel comfortable and achieve the best results together.


Strategic partnerships are those with long-term vision. We are looking for this kind of collaborations

Reliable Brand & preferred partners of OTAs

WuBook is a leading provider of technology for the hospitality industry. We are a preferred partner of the main OTAs such as, Airbnb and other important market players such as Google and Trivago.


Being a partner means to benefit from this whole ecosystem and thereby enhance your core business, acquiring knowledge in specific areas, such as online sales, online distribution and booking management.


At the same time we have grown together with our actual partners, developing a complete solution and a global joint venture that has reached over 90 countries and more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

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Here below few of our partnership models that we hope will fit for your project

Revenue Managers

You have to manage the distribution on OTA, Metas, GDS and many other channels through our multiple property tool. That's why we have developed an administrative tool that allows you to switch between accounts very quickly. Everything is under control from a single display. Statistics and metrics are at your fingertips to make your Revenue management task easier and more efficient.

  • All-in-One control panel
  • Manage and control your affiliates
  • Help and support


Installing Wubook on the website you created is so easy that you'll love it. We've dedicated an entire API in case you want to achieve extreme customization but, at the same time, a quick copy/paste in HTML is more than enough. Our code-generating wizard allows you to speed up your job and focus on the core of your business: offering an exceptional website to attract visitors.

  • Easy to generate HTML codes
  • JS Library for your customization
  • Integrated tools

Discover the JS Library of our Booking Engine


If you are a hospitality agent and you are in contact with accommodations, we offer you the possibility of extra income by recommending our services. For each installation, we will pay you a commission automatically and constantly. Just send us the interested contacts: we will follow them, help them create the account and issue the invoice. Then, automatically, we will pay you the agreed commission amount.

  • Add revenue to your daily work
  • Complete offer
  • Easy and tracked affiliation program

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