Website Widgets

Available Widgets to install on your Website

With WuBook you can better customize your site and increase your direct bookings with attractive widget. You can create it by himself or entrust us with the customization and the adaptation to template. Choose your preferred option

Responsive Multiwidget

Increase your conversions: it arrived the multiwidget! Choose which and how many widgets insert, custom colors and included everything in your site





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Classic Responsive Widget

It is a form that permits to quickly check the availability for requested period. The form is responsive and perfectly compatible with worpress and joomla. The Booking will open in a new browser window or in a page of your site.





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Online reception iframe

Book directly from your site opening a page with embedded Online Reception .





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Packages Widget

It permits to export your holiday packages and it permits to check availability directly on your website. If the package is available, the pressure of the confirmation opens the confirmation in a new browser window .





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Feedbacks Widget

It permits to exports your customer feedbacks in your web site .





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In case you need a custom installation, let us know