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Self adapting graphical interface

Visit the Rivendell Site with all devices and discover how Wubook provides a custom graphical user interface for each of them. The Online Booking experience is optimized for Desktop, Smartphone and Tablets!!

Rivendell Resort

WuBook Widgets

Widgets are graphical elements that you can insert on the pages of your site with a very simple Copy&Paste. WuBook Widgets automatically detect the language of your browser, so that translations are automatic. Moreover, they're really customizable.

Multi Widget

Increase you conversion rate with the new Multi Widget Bar. Impress you customers with specific claims or offering them discount codes or special offers /packages.

Booking Widget

It's a good idea to deploy this widget on all the pages of your site. This way, the customer will always have a ready-to-be-used Booking System.

Package Widget

Export the defined Packages on the pages of your site, allowing your customers to check their availability and to book them with a simple click!!

Feeds Widget

Export the opinions of guests who have stayed in your lodging on the pages of your site, allowing your customers to know what they say about you