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Full Version: Booking.com CC details incident reported
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Dear all,

Some of you reported back to us that some of your reservations from booking.com did not include the cc details. We have obviously been in touch with booking.com directly and I leave you hereafter the description and solutions to this problem:


On Wednesday, June 10th at 10:42AM CET Booking.com experienced an issue with reservation.

The issue affected all the connected properties on a random scale.


Reservations are normally pulled by IT providers along with credit card details. The incident provoked a situation where reservations were being generated but credit card details were missing from the reservation message on a random base.


The incident has been fixed as for 14:00 CET.

Credit card details are stored in Booking.com extranet. Please suggest properties who reported the accident to log into the Booking.com extranet to retrieve the information requested. CVC details, for security reason, might not be present. Should those not be present and the property would need them, please suggest to get in touch with the customer support at booking.com.

Please do get in touch with us at WuBook as well should you require further assistance.

Many thanks as ever.

Best regards,