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Full Version: Rates Handling for multiple Expedia rates
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I am using multiple restriction plans. I've set up three rates in Expedia's PartnerCentral, but they don't show up in WooDoo (see image attached). The number of available rooms is synchronized fine, so my general setup seems to work.

Please let me know how I can tell WooDoo about the multiple rates. Thank you!


Hello there!

Thanks for your message. Well, Expedia rates can be setup many ways and one of them is that they are not manageable from the channelmanager (something like "derived rates").

I am sure that in your case Expedia account manager can give better answers about this.

Moreover, I would keep the forum thread to keep further new informations about the topic: "expedia rates not manageable by woodoo". But, for specific needs, please, consider to open a ticket in our support system directly through your control panel, so that you will be able to share private details without sharing confidential datas. :)

Warm regards