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Full Version: update_plan_prices with 1 day offset
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Hi. I am using the update_plan_prices function. My request looks like this:

{token,lcode,pid,14/08/2016,"{\"112981\"=>[88.0, 99.0, 99.0, 99.0, 99.0]}"}

Tabla shows me:
14/08/2016: 88.0
15/08/2016: 88.0
16/08/2016: 99.0
17/08/2016: 99.0
18/08/2016: 99.0
19/08/2016: 99.0

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help!
Hello Robert,

let's switch via email, we need more details. I already have your message, replying in a few