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Isn't Agoda managed through booking.com? Is there an advantage to register on Agoda if one is listed on Booking.com? And if yes, wouldn't then the rooms appear twice on search results? I remember once receiving a reservation from Agoda through my booking.com account.

thanks for your reply!

Christian from Vienna


Hi there.

As far as we know, they have and they are, 2 separeted platforms. Obviously they collaborate each other cause they are part of the same holding. But technically and "somehow" commercially, they are different.

And that's the reason why we do have 2 different connections to them. Anyway, it seems to me that they have kind of affiliate in case a property does not have both profiles, but this is just a theory :)

The very best answer can be given only from them.. and them maybe share it with us..

Here is the reply from Agoda customer service.

"Thank you for your email, greetings from Agoda!

It does make sense :). We are sister companies, but there are several advantages to be in direct partnership with us."

I'll give it a try and inform this thread when I have some insight.


Christian from Vienna



Let us know please :)

Warm regards