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Full Version: AirBNB multible listings conflict
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I am not sure if I understand the integration with Airbnb and wuubook correctly - I am still in demo mode.

Let me explain the house setup without the software.

I have 3 Bungalows with double rooms, pool view and 1 double room, garden view. On Airbnb I have 5 listings one for each bungalows (3), one for the double room garden room (1) and lastly for the whole place (all rooms)(1).

On for example bookning.com I have 3 listings to do the same as with Airbnb. One for the bungalows with 3 availabilities, one for the garden view and one for the whole house.

To solve conflicts with booking.com and Airbnb, for example I get a booking on one bungalow room I manually update the calendars for the whole house to be blocked same dates.

How do I set this up in wubook so this is automated across channels?


Hello there.

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So, to solve the issue automatically and not do it manually, you have to do that in Zak. With Zak you can create a SuperProduct which is a sum of 2 products (where product is a room unit or room type).

This way, whn you sell a super product, the availability of the 2 products that are involved in it, both will be automatically closed!

Please, in case you would need a human support, we are available by clicking on the support tab of your extranet.