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Full Version: AIRBNB Cleaning Protocol
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Dear WuBookers,

The current pandemic is inevitably affecting many aspects of our industry. Especially for Vacation Rentals, i.e., all facilities such as Apartments or Holiday Homes, the property cleaning has become crucial to ensure the guest a safe stay. The quality of cleaning and the time spent on all these operations depend exclusively on the Host.

To offer a minimum standard of cleanliness to its guests, Airbnb has established a General Cleaning Protocol to be signed by all its Hosts.

Airbnb requires all its Host Community (so even those using WuBook) to accept this 5-step cleaning protocol, following an online path accessible from THIS link to get a certificate.
Failure by hosts to comply with these requirements by November 20, 2020, could lead to a calendar block and the inability to receive reservations.
The process is fast: if the accommodation is already clean and sanitized, it takes only a few minutes.
It is essential to do this before the deadline to avoid booking problems.

Following the cleaning process will help your guests feel more comfortable and protect you, them, and the entire Airbnb Community.

We are at your disposal for any doubt or clarification.

Greetings and good work with WuBook