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News about HRS

Dear Wubookers, after several mediation endeavours (a special thanks to Valentin and Angelo) we reached a first goal. There’s the mutual willingness to discuss all the topics and solve it. Due the last agreements with HRS staff, I can officially announce that tomorrow, HRS channel will be again...

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Google NEWS!!!

Posted by silver | Posted in Booking Engine, News, Tricks and Suggestions, WuBook, WuBook Fount | Posted on 19-04-2016


Dear WuBookers, If you were unsure about the PPC (pay per click) model for campaigns in Google, you will be happy to know they have recently launch a Commission Based Model (Google Commission Program). Technically it works in the same way as the PPC and so the client will be able to find your property through [...]

News on WooDoo

Posted by cyan | Posted in Tricks and Suggestions | Posted on 01-04-2016


Dear WuBookers, We are happy to announce our latest updates on WooDoo. A few small upgrades that will make your life easier when using the Channel Manager. This is a quick summary of them all: CHANNELS CONFIGURATION Currently migrating all channel interfaces to the new version. The new interface will show two new features: 1. [...]

Despegar coming soon

Posted by cyan | Posted in Tricks and Suggestions | Posted on 04-02-2016


We are almost ready to launch the WooDoo connection with Despegar! (finally and hopefully) We want to warn you that on the 8th of February we will have a certification spot with which we will check all functionalities and agree the processes with Despegar. After that, the connection will be ready to use but, please [...]

Geo-localized special offers

Posted by cyan | Posted in Tricks and Suggestions | Posted on 28-01-2016


Dear wubookers, we are glad to introduce you a new very interesting feature on the Wubook services universe. We talked at some length on the forum with some users who had made many constructive proposals, (here the link). From today it will be possible to specify Geo-localized special offers on WuBooK. How does it mean? [...]

New Management Features in WuBook

Posted by silver | Posted in News, Tricks and Suggestions, WuBook, WuBook Tutorials | Posted on 22-01-2016


Dear Wubookers, The new year has brought in some new developments we were working on already. Mainly on the management of rooms, restrictions and filters to search for reservations in WuBook. Here is a small description of each new Feature: Setting Up minimum and maximum price limits per room category   You have the posibility [...]

Migrating XML platform of HostelBookers into HostelWorld

Posted by silver | Posted in Channel Manager, News, WuBook | Posted on 15-01-2016


Dear All, As most of you surely already know the HostelBookers connection to WooDoo will be disabled shortly as, from now on, this portal will be fed in with the data sent to the HostelWorld extranet. In short, you will be able to be listed in 2 different portals through one single connection – that [...]

UtsTravel and Cbooking: new Russian OTAs for WooDoo

Posted by cyan | Posted in Tricks and Suggestions | Posted on 22-12-2015


The list of WooDoo connection enriches itself with two new connections. They are UTS Travel and Cbooking, which mainly focus on Russian and CIS markets. We provide here some basic information about these OTAs and forward you to their respective websites for further information. UTS TRAVEL UTS Group Company (www.utsgroup.org) is a leading tour operator [...]

Restyling is coming and potential inconveniences

Posted by cyan | Posted in Tricks and Suggestions | Posted on 02-12-2015


Dear, as you already know, WuBooK never sleeps. Research, innovation and development are fundamental for us and represent the only way to provide you with more and more sophisticated tools, capable to adapt themselves to a market that continuously changes , like the nowadays on-line world.. For this reason, we have worked days and nights [...]

News: Tips for possible date and a new availability calendar

Posted by cyan | Posted in Tricks and Suggestions | Posted on 26-11-2015


Dear WuBookers, we are happy and proud to inform you about the important news regarding our/your booking engine. These news are crucial for an easier application and will hopefully result in higher conversion rates, especially adequately covering those limited cases where the user, struggling with the booking, finds himself facing the infamous unavailability message. To [...]

Security: switch on the monitor!

Posted by cyan | Posted in Tricks and Suggestions | Posted on 26-11-2015


Dear WuBookers, we are working on security issues. We have several objectives and today we are closing the first chapter, regarding the monitoring of accesses. We always have monitored (in a very detailed way) every access made in WuBooK, but what we have added (or we are trying to add) is a more intelligent accesses [...]