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Reservations Export & Mandatory Costs

On the fly, we decided to publish these 2 news. Important news even if little tools. Inside the area Reservations (in WuBook) you’ll find a new menu “Export” with which you can export all the reservations of WuBook in an excel sheet. Moreover, we decided to introduce a new info on our...

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New OTAs connected to WooDoo: Gardapass & MrAndMrsSmith

Posted by white | Posted in Channel Manager, News | Posted on 24-04-2014


¡Hi world! As for the title, we are very glad to announce you can now connect 2 new OTAs to our channel manager woodoo: MrAndMrsSmith Gardapass These OTAs have been recentrly connected with an XML interface and, as usual, we are offer 6 months connection for free: WooDoo Promo ENjoy and.. comment on the forum!


Posted by white | Posted in News, WuBook | Posted on 16-04-2014


Dears WuBookers, I can finally announce (cause we finished the alpha phase, we are now in Beta) and publish the RateChecker made in WuBook!!! CodeName is WrPeeker, but I imagine we’ll call it always Ratechecker, that sounds much better and easier! I’m sure someone is wondering what the hell is this? Well, its name is [...]

New Channel: AirBnB

Posted by white | Posted in Channel Manager | Posted on 03-04-2014


Dears Wubookers, we are now ready to release a new channel: Airbnb. This connectivity has been developed in screen scraping (emulation of user’s actions inside the OTA extranet) so that we are not charging for this connectivity. We offer it for free! Only if you are using WuBook with the commercial formula “Only WooDoo” you [...]

Room pre-selection on the Online Reception

Posted by white | Posted in Booking Engine, News | Posted on 02-04-2014


First of all, let me say that contents on this POST would be probably too tekky for the most of you. So, I apologize for be “boring”. Anyway, someone will surely appreciate it cause we have introduced an interesting feature that have been required many times so far. This new feature is really similar to [...]

New Tabla & Sytar

Posted by white | Posted in News, WuBook | Posted on 31-03-2014


Dears WuBookers, it has been few weeks ago we started to work on a new version of Tabla aiming to allow a complete price management over all the pricing plans (but also restrictions plans) you may have. We are happy to be able to announce it today. This release is joined by a new version [...]

Some News

Posted by white | Posted in News, WuBook | Posted on 20-03-2014


Dear WuBookers, after a brief visit to ITB in Berlin, I feel a few lines about the current situation and the experience we have lived in there, are needed. And maybe it could be a good chance to share some news with you. The ITB (the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show) does not need any [...]

New russian OTA ready for WooDoo: HotelInn

Posted by white | Posted in Channel Manager, WuBook | Posted on 28-02-2014


Dears, I am glad to let you know WooDoo now connects another important russian channel: HotelInn For those who are interested here is the promo activation with 6 months free: WooDoo Promo Enjoy!!

Holiday Packages

Posted by white | Posted in Booking Engine, News, WuBook | Posted on 19-02-2014


And here you are finally!!! I am very glad to be able to announce our “Holiday Packages“, the last WuBook feature. First of all, I’d like to explain the reasons why we have been delaying this kick off and probably troubled a little bit some WuBooker: the Online Reception from now on has a new [...]

Mobile Stats (and browsers)

Posted by yellow | Posted in Booking Engine, News, WuBook Tutorials | Posted on 08-01-2014


The topic was born on our italian forum, and due to the volume of commentaries generated and the quality of the discussion on it, we decided to take action. Talking about Mobile and particularly about flexibility of WuBook Online Reception for the Mobile world. Our Booking Engine is, as you may know, already “adaptive”: if [...]

Bundeskartellamt against price parity

Posted by white | Posted in News | Posted on 07-01-2014


Dears WuBookers, I break the silence during these Holydays (happy new year to all of you!) to report an interesting news coming from Germany. And it is something very inspiring about the famous “price parity” requested daily by OTAs. Well, the Bundeskartellamt (Germany’s national competition regulator) has decided to stop HRS, well-known deutsch OTA, to [...]