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Maintanance works

Dears, day by day, WooDoo is growing significantly. In the recent weeks, someone has complained about updates slowness, and it’s right. We will work to speed up the channel manager, making it faster and more reliable. As preliminary action, we will have to execute a maintanance operation. The maintanance...

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New Statistics

Posted by silver | Posted in Booking Engine, Channel Manager, News, Tricks and Suggestions, WuBook, WuBook Fount, WuBook Tutorials | Posted on 09-04-2015


Dear All, It has been a few weeks of hard work in which we have managed to publish a new statistics system. We have certainly improved the consultation and information and have too reconfigured the tracking system (almost) from scratch. Now is fully renovated. It seems the new setting starts taking interesting prospects. Let’s see [...]

New channel available in Woodoo: Prestigia

Posted by silver | Posted in Channel Manager, News | Posted on 25-03-2015


Dear Wubookers, Our fantastic team of technitians work non stop trying to make WooDoo Channel Manager more powerful and completed all the time. This time by adding a new online channel which means a new market opportunity for you to offer your property. It is with great pleasure that we announce Prestigia as a new available channel. [...]

Instant booking: direct reservations through Tripadvisor

Posted by silver | Posted in Booking Engine, News, WuBook | Posted on 11-02-2015


Dear Wubookers, The data collected speaks for itself. Users that before making a reservation on any property review the comments of other guests – mainly on Tripadvisor (that with almost 260 million unique visitors per month and more than 200 million comments is certainly the biggest in the world) – are growing exponentially. Before, all [...]

Trivago: It works! and extremely well!

Posted by silver | Posted in Booking Engine, News, WuBook, WuBook Tutorials | Posted on 05-02-2015


Dear Wubookers, Within hours of the official launch of the partnership with trivago, and already have a huge increase in traffic and reservations, all confirmed and reported  from different customers and the data in our possession. We are very pleased with the initial results, and confirms the effectiveness of the operation. However, with the usual [...]

Trivago: Let’s Go!

Posted by white | Posted in Booking Engine, Channel Manager, News, WuBook, WuBook Fount | Posted on 03-02-2015


Dear Wubookers, even if a bit delay on the roadmap, we are finally really happy to announce that WuBook and Trivago have officially published their collaboration system platform! This is a great news cause all the WuBook customers (you guys!) are, from now on, able to publish their own booking engine prices on the famous [...]

Online Reception: Select Occupancy

Posted by silver | Posted in Booking Engine, News, Tricks and Suggestions, WuBook | Posted on 28-01-2015


Dear WuBookers, For years we have been asked to add, on the booking engine, the option to select the occupancy (number of rooms, adults, child and their age); and for years we have delayed the development of this option. However, today we feel it is an important add on to our offer and a strong [...]

New support system: faster responses and a dedicated chat room

Posted by silver | Posted in Booking Engine, Channel Manager, WuBook Tutorials | Posted on 19-01-2015


Dear Wubookers, While the development of new technological solutions never stops, another aspect that distinguish us from the rest and for which we will not spare any effort and dedication is the support. The support is a fundamental aspect of service and for this simple reason has always been a pillar of our offer. Up [...]

New Portals added to our Channel Manager WooDoo: JacTravel, MaxMind and BestDay

Posted by silver | Posted in Channel Manager, News, WuBook | Posted on 10-12-2014


Hello Everyone!, We were mentioning it before however, we can now confirm some very exciting new connectivities. There are many many channels out there and the more new markets come into play the more channels that will become important and interesting to connect with. So, as always we will be listening to your needs and [...]

Zak: New engine for integration of reservations and increased safety

Posted by silver | Posted in Booking Engine, News, PMS Zak | Posted on 01-12-2014


Hello everyone! Here at WuBook we never stop,  and we continue to develop new products and add-ons to keep you up to date with all the potential new technologies have to offer. With this in mind, our very own Purple (Tommasino) has decided to get to work on the engine in charge of integrating the [...]

RoadMap for Winter

Posted by silver | Posted in Booking Engine, Channel Manager, News, WuBook, WuBook Fount | Posted on 28-11-2014


Guys, Today I am publishing a few posts and news…In the last few days we have had our e-meetings where very interesting subjects have been raised. We have discussed various subjects and we all have had our say in how we would like to see WuBook moving forward. There are many projects coming up soon [...]