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Multi-Currency, Packs & Fount

Gooood Morning WuBookers, more news are coming! Today we are releasing the feature of multi-currency on the Online Reception (booking engine). Your customers could now select their own currency during the reservation online process. Look at this: Please don’t worry: this new feature will not cause...

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AirBnB suspended

Posted by white | Posted in Channel Manager | Posted on 17-09-2014


WuBookers, I am very sad to announce we must stop the complete (2-way) connection to the channel AirBnB. The unique way to connect this OTA at the moment is by usign the plugin iCal. The connectivity to AirBnb has been developed with a technic called screen scraping: with few words, the channel manager emulates the [...]

And here we go!! Google Hotel Ads…connected!

Posted by white | Posted in Booking Engine, News, WuBook, WuBook Fount | Posted on 09-09-2014


WuBookers, here you are. We finally can release a very good and new interface. We are able to offer you Google Hotel Price AdsĀ (Google HPA from now on). It is a system with which you will be able to publish your rooms sale on Google. Same concept of TripConnect (the business product of TripAdvisor). So, [...]

VAT Excluded and Extras Layout

Posted by white | Posted in Booking Engine, News, Tricks and Suggestions | Posted on 25-07-2014


Dear WuBookers, 2 other news interesting to be communicated. Both are regarding your Online Reception (aka booking engine online) on the webste of your hotel. This infos are overall appreciated if you are located in SouthAmerica or maybe NorthAmerica. Generally in one of those country, used to publish prices wthout VAT increase. This is a [...]

Rivendell: Booking Engine Demo and One Click Reservation

Posted by white | Posted in Booking Engine, News, WuBook | Posted on 23-07-2014


Dears WuBookers, we have just published the so called Rivendell Site: a new website dedicated to our Online Booking Engine (aka Online Reception) with the aim to show all the potential of this tool of WuBook brand. We want to improve our communication and first of all we must say we have has a lack [...]

The Feedbacks Widget for your WebSite

Posted by white | Posted in Booking Engine, News, Tricks and Suggestions | Posted on 22-07-2014


So well, we have developed a new Widget! It is ready to be installe on your WebSite and, to be quick, it is as always as simple as clear to do. It is just a copy/paste action to have it on your web pages and show your visitors the full commentaries previously received by other [...]

Zak: Documents 2.0

Posted by white | Posted in News, PMS Zak | Posted on 08-07-2014


Good Afternoon Zakkers! Many of you already gave us interesting ideas, through the forum, on the improvements that we should introduce little by little in our dear PMS Zak. We would like to thank you for that support! The new features that we propose now are not so many, but we think they will solve [...]

Online Booking Engine: extra images and some other improvement

Posted by white | Posted in Booking Engine, News, WuBook | Posted on 03-07-2014


Dear WuBookers, I know you are waiting long time…and long time requiring the same…but finally we have it. You can now upload images to the extra created in the extranet. Sorry for the delay, but we have always tons of things to do, we hardy find time to continue developing as we like. Anyway, now [...]

Zak: Prices Increasing (but not for you!!)

Posted by white | Posted in News, PMS Zak | Posted on 13-06-2014


Dear WuBookers, Zak prices are going to increase from 180 Euro to 264 Euro per year. This change will become active from August 2014 the 1st on, and will be valid for all new users that at that dates would have any bill already payed for Zak service. So actually, if you are already a [...]

Rate Checker: the final version

Posted by white | Posted in News, WuBook | Posted on 09-06-2014


Dears WuBookers, few weeks ago we published and released the first version of the Rate checker made of WuBook (aka Rate Shopper) and only today we can announce the final version of the service, with a dedicated website. The final version has two great news (among many others): Prices: they dramatically decreased! Reliability: after a [...]

TripAdvisor: Review Express

Posted by white | Posted in News, Tricks and Suggestions, WuBook | Posted on 05-06-2014


Well, we released a new implementation of Review Express (for more infos here), the TripAdvisor tool that let you invite your customers to write a commentary (feedback) on your property public profile on TA. Why is this new? Currently, the connectivity to Review Express was exclusively offered to TripConnect users (for more infos, click here [...]