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Tsunami News

Dear Friends, it has been a few weeks of very hard work and we are now ready to release some good new feature. So..lots of news, cause in WuBook we never sleep Many things have crossed our developing road and some of them were really unexpected and, some how, out of our control. HRS, for example, kindly...

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HRS: Deal Done

Posted by white | Posted in Channel Manager, News, WuBook | Posted on 17-10-2014


Dears WuBookers, regarding latest events -diplomatic incidents with HRS, check here- we have an important news. A very positive one! We have had a meeting in Koln, Germany at HRS Headquarters and had finally found a good solutions with HRS staff. In other words, we definetely will continue to work together with them to give [...]

Booking.com & Promotional Rates

Posted by Matteo Binda | Posted in Channel Manager, News, WuBook | Posted on 15-10-2014


In collaboration with Wubook, we have developed an easier procedure to create promotional rates. The implementation aims to reduce the delay of having reservations downloaded in your channel manager. Therefore, we want to thank Wubook for giving us the opportunity to explain the changes on this blog. How will you benefit? Easy and direct set [...]

Currency Automatic Detection and others

Posted by white | Posted in Booking Engine, News, Tricks and Suggestions, WuBook | Posted on 14-10-2014


Dears WuBookers, we are really proud to announce this really interesting features developped by WuBook! First of all, the Online Reception has been enhanced once again, thanks to a complex algorith that makes possible to automatically recognize the currency of the user consulting your online offer. It works with the geolocalization and it gives the [...]

Zak: Room Exchange..finally

Posted by white | Posted in News, PMS Zak | Posted on 14-10-2014


Good Morning Everybody! We have recently added some new feature. From now on, on the planning it will be possible to exchange rooms between two different reservations. So, if you ave the planning full of reservations and you cannot move any reservation into an empty room to free the destination rooms for the reservations 2, [...]

News about HRS

Posted by white | Posted in Channel Manager, News, WuBook | Posted on 08-10-2014


Dear Wubookers, after several mediation endeavours (a special thanks to Valentin and Angelo) we reached a first goal. There’s the mutual willingness to discuss all the topics and solve it. Due the last agreements with HRS staff, I can officially announce that tomorrow, HRS channel will be again completely operative, at least until 01/01/2015. No [...]

Urgent: Hrs suspended

Posted by white | Posted in Channel Manager, News, WuBook | Posted on 06-10-2014


Dear Customers, the collaboration between WuBook and Hrs is seriously compromised. It is very possible that from October the 8th on, HRS will no longer allow the channel manager to connect the portal, at least partially. When did we receive this information? Just Friday the 3rd of October, at 17:45. We did many efforts to [...]

Exclusive Mobile Version for the Online Reception of WuBook

Posted by white | Posted in Booking Engine, News, WuBook | Posted on 21-09-2014


Dear WuBookers, it looks that September is becoming an hot month for WuBook news. After the announcement of Goole Hotel Price Ads (aka Google Hotel Finder), here you are another important achievement: we are really happy to offer a new and exclusive mobile version for our Online Reception (aka booking engine). With the word “exclusive” [...]

AirBnB suspended

Posted by white | Posted in Channel Manager | Posted on 17-09-2014


WuBookers, I am very sad to announce we must stop the complete (2-way) connection to the channel AirBnB. The unique way to connect this OTA at the moment is by usign the plugin iCal. The connectivity to AirBnb has been developed with a technic called screen scraping: with few words, the channel manager emulates the [...]

And here we go!! Google Hotel Ads…connected!

Posted by white | Posted in Booking Engine, News, WuBook, WuBook Fount | Posted on 09-09-2014


WuBookers, here you are. We finally can release a very good and new interface. We are able to offer you Google Hotel Price AdsĀ (Google HPA from now on). It is a system with which you will be able to publish your rooms sale on Google. Same concept of TripConnect (the business product of TripAdvisor). So, [...]

VAT Excluded and Extras Layout

Posted by white | Posted in Booking Engine, News, Tricks and Suggestions | Posted on 25-07-2014


Dear WuBookers, 2 other news interesting to be communicated. Both are regarding your Online Reception (aka booking engine online) on the webste of your hotel. This infos are overall appreciated if you are located in SouthAmerica or maybe NorthAmerica. Generally in one of those country, used to publish prices wthout VAT increase. This is a [...]