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All In One - Property Management System, Channel Manager and Booking Engine

If you have a property to manage, rely on Zak, the WuBook® cloud management software that offers you PMS, Channel Manager and Booking Engine in an All-in-One smart interface.

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Price Comparator

Rate Checker allows you to easily compare the prices of your rooms with those of your competitors.

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Channel Manager and Booking Engine for Integrations

If you already have a PMS or another software and you want to integrate it with a quality Channel Manager or Booking Engine, the WooDoo solutions are what you need.

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WuBook offers cloud solutions to better manage any kind of property

WuBook is a leading company in the development of cloud solutions designed for the management of any type of accommodation facility. Whether you are looking for a complete PMS or individual software components to integrate into your system, you can find the best solution for your needs.

Our mission has always been to develop cutting edge programs, with the latest generation technologies that are at the same time within everyone's reach. Our innovative business model has helped us to distribute our software and make ourselves well known around the world.



Why WuBook?

Free Basic Zak PMS

Start using WuBook for FREE. You can create an account in a few seconds: it will always be free. We believe that the best technologies should be available to everyon.


With Zak you can have a PMS WITHOUT ANY MONTHLY FEE with Planner, booking management, Check in Online and many free basic features. Additional packages such as Electronic Invoicing (FINANCE), the Channel Manager or the Booking Engine are subject to charges.

The advantages of choosing WuBook

Over 17 thousand properties in the world have already decided to rely on us! This is why:

Our solutions

To increase profit and streamline management

Independent Hotels, Small Chains

If you manage a hotel or a group of hotels in your city or country and you need performances and reliability

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Hostels, Bed&Breakfast, Guesthouse

If you manage a small property and you need to automatize all the processes of your day to day

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Apartments, Houses, Villas, Vacation Rental Properties

If you are new in the Hospitality Market and want to get reservations very soon and effortless

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Third Party Softwares

If you develop your own software and want to connect us through an API to complete your offer

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Revenue or Marketing Managers, WebMasters

If you are a player on the Hospitality Market and you want to benefit from our technologies

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Distribution Partners

If you are an OTA, a Tour Operator or a Metasearch provider and you want to join our ecosystem

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