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10 July -important-: B.com migration


The date of 10 July has been chosen as migration day to the RLI model for booking.com. Please, read here to have additoinal info and/or contact your account manager to fully understand the new model).

The migrationi should be smooth and, in the worst case, it will take only few minutes to reconfigure things. However, it’s important that your eventual intervention will be fast and precise.

There are two cases (on the linked article you can guess which is your case):

  • Your intervention is not required
  • Your intervention is required

In few words: your intervention is required if you’re using the “rooms multiplication” model or, using the “percentage distribution” one, if you’re assigning to your b.com rates a static min stay greater than 1.

We will send an email when the migration will be done: in the case you have doubts, just reconfigure the channel on woodoo.

You can reconfigure the channel as always:

  • test settings
  • continue
  • associate rooms
  • associate rates

Notice that the new version of WooDoo/booking.com is richer: you will have the chance to assign to each of your booking.com rates a dedicated restriction profile. If you want.

It will be very appropriate to check things during the 10 July and the next days: the update is drastic and massive.

Feel free to contact us for each doubt/question: it’s important to understand things so that your migration will be as smooth as possible.

Thank you!

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