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What is WuBook?

WuBook is a leading hospitality tech company born in Italy and become international with offices in Spain, France, Greek, Poland and South America.

The main services offered are Booking Engine, Channel Manager and PMS, making an All-In-One solution that covers the needs of small-medium property owners worldwide.

WuBook software is aimed at both accommodation facilities and technical partners and is designed to suit customer needs. The WuBook suite allows to manage all types of accommodation, both from desktop and smartphone, in a single all-in-one and cloud-based platform. You will find a world of integrations and automations to save time quickly and easily.

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WuBook Official Blog

WuBook’s blog is an online space rich in content designed to inform and keep up-to-date those involved in tourism reception. Among its pages you will find news, trends and technical articles about the latest technologies in the tourism sector.

About WuBook:

We help customers to have easy access to the best technologies in the tourism industry to grow their business.
PMS – CHANNEL MANAGER – BOOKING ENGINE for Hotel, B&B, Hostels and Vacation rentals.
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