The new online reception

Finally… Hooray! We’re introducing the new version of the online reception (abbreviated as ORD) from WuBook. It was a great challenge. We had to re-develop many things and at the same time we had to maintain compatibility with the old version. In addition to the new languages ​​and new features we’ve added Magic Calendar and Board Management. We had […]

New YouBook

The new version of  YouBook is ready. The graphics has been completely renovated, as you can see on the  pictures below, From the technical side we have added the cancellation policy, and the boards for the rooms. There is also the possibility to specify a custom price , without showing it as a discount, and […]

Alien Plugin

With the new version of YouBook we have developed a new tool that allows  to an external software, to enter new reservations for your property Activating the plugin,  a key  will be assigned (Alien Code) that you can always change with a simple click as you can see in the image here  below. We hope […]

Au Revoir Plugin

Dear colleagues, recently we have released the new plug-in which automatically sends preset emails to your guests. Some of you have been asking us about this feature and we hope it will help you to increase loyalty of your guests. The new plug-in can be activated in Settings → Plug-ins. As mentioned above the new Plug-in lets you send emails: Welcoming: messages are sent some days […]

iCal: Flat Club

Dears, a fast post, just to announce an additional online reservation portal connectable via iCal (read the previous post to know more about iCal): Flat Club. A short description by the Flat Club Staff: WuBook has partnered with Flat-Club to provide you access to more demand and more bookings. Flat-Club is the world’s largest network […]


Dears, I’m happy to announce a new service: Eurota! EurOTA (euro online travel agency) has been specially developed for the portals and booking agencies. With EurOTA you do not need to design your own online booking system or to develop an extranet. You can get a ready-made booking engine right now! Everything you need – […]