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Latency of Wired Updates

Having tried the "mod_room" method, I noticed that the updates are not reflected immediately on the WuBook control panel. But the updates are immediately visible via the Wired "fetch_rooms" and "fetch_rooms_values" methods.

For instance, with the "mod_room" method, I updated the default price to 108 (from 68). When checking online in the WuBook Control Panel if the update had been successful, the price displayed after the update in the Control Panel was still the old one (68). But making a "fetch_rooms_values" call gave the correct result (108).

Hence my question: does the WuBook online control panel (where you can change the rooms details online manually) use a localised database that only gets updated every x hours, and if so, what is the "x" factor? Ie, with what frequency are updates made via Wired reflected on the WuBook Control Panel?

Thanks in advance for your reply.
That's because of the cache system,

when you use the WuBook Control Panel, a caching system (to speed up things) is included. If you want to refresh things, you can click:


I hope it helps!

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