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Improvement request for online reception /booking page
1. Option to display first available dates in the widget and on the booking page (instead of displaying the closed dates)
2. When guest makes a booking on the page, the check-in hours are set automatically to 10:00 o clock although the check-in is possible only from 15:00
We would like that 15:00 o clock is auto-selected  when the guest creates the booking, because its unclear to the guest that he must change it in order to proceed and also to have an alternative option if the guest want to request an earlier check-in.
Right now its autoselected to 10:00 o clock, and the guest cannot proceed unless he doesn't select 15:00.

3. Option to select the default "order by"/sort of the rooms on the page , for example we want that the rooms are by default sorted by price up, or to be able to order rooms manually in an order that we want.
Hi Ivan,

these are also all good proposals: we write them down and discuss them.

About 2nd point: did You see that in Online Reception Preferences page You can set the Check In Range?
If You set 15:00 as start hour, it will be shown in the last step of the Online Reception as default check in hour.

Thanks so much for the suggestions

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