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Wired! php usage. Simple examples does not works.
Where can i find last stable version of Wired "framework", please? I always get an errors even trying to execute example code.
Errors like:
PHP Code:
Fatal errorCall to a member function get_facility() on a non-object in /public_html/app/lib/wiredx.php on line 693 
PHP Code:
$wubook= new WuBook();
$custcreate_wbcustomer('mario''rossi''via via''city''IT',
'mymail@addre.ss''333333''12:34''My Remarks');
$cccreate_wbcc(1'43423423421234''mario rossi''11''2009''870');

As you can see this is standard example… What am i doing wrong?

Another example:
PHP Code:
Fatal errorCall to a member function arraymem() on a non-object in /public_html/app/lib/wiredx.php on line 222 
PHP Code:
$wubook= new WuBook();
$myfacs= array(1401186213);

Trying to do something with these errors second day. Downloaded Wired from wubook.net and xmlrpc.inc from official website.

Really need help.

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