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Ok then..

this is for those who are going to be tester of Trivago. User instructions let's say..

So, we are going to send to Trivago a list of all the properties in one week: ten you have 7 days to decide and configure how to invest in Trivago. You can do it in Fount/Trivago.

The possible market where to invest in, are DACH, ES, IT, US etc. and you can choose between normal and high profile. To help you we already set and open all the markets cause there is no reason to close some market (only if you do not want to receive certain customers..). Costs are similar on all markets.

The commercial profile activated right now is the normal one. This is because it looks that difference is not big and the ranking consider this parameter only if investment is the same. So, overall if you are not listed in "top" cities (like London or Paris) I do not see any reason to spedn more per click. At least during a test phase.

Obviously, if you have special needs (you do not want and dislike Canadian customers for example) you must change the configuration before the end of the 7 days.

Another thing: once the list is sent to Trivago, they have to index it. We cannot control this time so I cannot tell you dates about it. After that we will continue making tests with Trivago Tech Staff.


1) From today to October the 16th: you can set up the option on Fount/Trivago as you prefer (commercial profile and markets)
2) October the 16th we will send the list with the configuration you have done to Trivago so they can index it
3) At this point Trivago will be active 100%

I hope all will be fast.

I remind you the commercial administration structure: you set up the cost per click for each market and in which market you want to publish your ads. Then we pay for your investments to Trivago and ask you back the payment of them + the 4% to us as fee for servers and administrative costs (maintainance is includeded). No other cost will be requested.

Once again, thanks for your help! :D

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