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What's happening tomorow
at the moment, we are just updating some important upgrades (like a new planning version) and after that, we also want to improve the setting of tax documents and stats.
After these changes, we intend to further improve our resources dedicated to your request, showing on homepage a field just for the check in of the day after with the cleaning and treatments to prepare.
Please, wait a little longer and you will find a SuperZak! :-)

Have a nice day and good job!

(04-02-2014, 11:51 PM)AC123 Wrote: Dear All ,
Dear Zak team
this is to suggest you to add a part in the home page where we can see what's happening tomorow
it will be very very interesting for us , i'am sure it will be very helpfull for other hotels also

you know , it's very important that we should know arrivals of the nexr day to prepare if there is transfers from the airport or preparing something special in the room
for departures also , so we can prepare invoices

thank you so much for adding this option , i'am sure you can do it , it's the same code like "what's hapening today" but at the calendar code you should just do j+1
thank you again

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