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Some anticipation on next Zak November release

let's spoil here some news that will be introduced in the next release.
Which will be quite full of news, so You've to be prepapred!

This is only a first introduction. It does not want to be complete:
there will also be other news that are not listed here.
We will keep you up to date, as always.

* New Planner *

We are about to publish a new planner. With everything you've always asked us for.

1. Icons on the reservationsbars to distinguish their origin (OTA, BE...)
2. Information on room cleaning and cleaning scheduling
3. A completely new system for cleaning management and reports management.
Those, who work in cleaning, will also be able to access their tasks via
smartphones and mark them as done. It will also be able to report faults and
objects found.
4. Renewed Reports for Meals and Movements
5. Prices visible on the planner
6. Much more

* New City Tax *

The calculation of the tourist tax is varied and colorful. We have completely
rewritten the part of configuration and that of data saving. We now have maximum
flexibility and granularity. The report will also be positively affected in
terms of accuracy.

* New reservation interface *

The booking detail page had some problems: slow, not very intuitive, some operations
a bit hidden. We have redesigned it, focusing on clarity of information and on the
ergonomics of the actions you are going to carry out. Especially the more frequent
ones like adding extras, issuing tax documents, adding rooms, discounts and so on.

* Google and Trivago *

We have also renewed the Meta Search. Available natively on Zak and in line with the
development of new channels. We are also working on TripAdvisor and iCal.
Meta Searches on Zak are comparable to channels. They will have a cost of 6 euros
per month: no additional costs.

* Complete renewal of the PII System *

The PII reporting system ("Istat" and italian "Alloggiati" for example) will also be
completely renewed. With the aim of providing extra functionality (Zak will save
receipts of "Alloggiati" for example), improve your experience, make it more
autonomous and more accurate.

* Extra Masssivi addition *

Are you at the end of the day and need to register several extras for different bookings?
Here it is: enough a click, wherever you are to start doing it in a serial way, without
any need for access the booking details.


The release is scheduled for this month and further delays are not likely.

We also remind you the latest developments of the restaurant module, Kylix, in which
we are investing a lot. They have already been presented here:


We hope to release a first official version of Kylix before the end of the year.

And for any questions or concerns, as always, do not hesitate

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