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New Online Reception Released

I'm very excited to announce this great news: the new version of the Online Reception has finally been released!!!
Main goals were:

1) Smartphone and Tablets: developing an adaptive graphics to have a full compatibility with Mobile Devices
2) Boards: it's now possible to sell each room with multiple boards, adding a price variation for each option
3) Restyling: time passes and graphics must remain fresh and modern
4) New features: as for example the Magic Calendar
5) Better Iframe embedding: we have developed a new system allowing to embed the booking process inside an iframe (so, embedding it on the pages of your sites!!)

A better description is here: https://wong.it/en/ecco-la-nuova-online-reception/

Please, feel welcome to post each comment, idea or any content you consider appropriated!!!
Thank you so much for trusting WuBook, allowing us to keep up our historical enthusiasm for innovation!

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