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Reverse allotment suggestion
First of all let me congratulate your team on a fantastic product. Your openness, documentation and support are amazing. From a programmer point of view having the wired documentation open and accessible was amazing, as much as I hate xml following the docs was a breeze :)

Now this is something I did not anticipate, we currently have one of our hotels connected with booking.com and expedia through WooDoo. But expedia requires us to have a 2 bedroom allotment in one of our room types, this means that for that room type,in expedia, the minimum availability is always 2(except if there are expdia reservations).

We can set the allotment in the expedia channel settings page.
But what if we could set the inverse(-2) for a specific room in the booking.com settings page?

That way, if our availability for a given day for that room is 4, it would be 4 on expedia but only 2 on booking.com.

At the moment if our availability is lower than 2 because of booking.com reservations we send an email to expedia asking to manually change the availability.
It would be great to have this automatized.

Hope my explanation was understandable.
I'm not sure this is a trivial thing to ask, anyway I'll leave the suggestion.

Have a nice holiday,
Hello Andre',

thank you so much for your friendly comment and for your post! I understand the problem. Not sure the following advice will completely solve it. If you visit the WooDoo/Settings section, you will see that you can exactly specify, for each channel, a -N factor, so that for the specified channels the availability is always decreased by N.

This tool can help, but it has the following limit: iIt does not depend from the range of dates. Once you specify an N factor for an OTA, the availability is always decreased, for each date.

We have recently theorized a new way to manage allotments, making them automatic (at least if the allotments are defined on "sufficiently featured" OTAs, like booking.com and expedia, which are able to communicate us the presence of allotments). This is the machinery we have thought: WooDoo should be able to automatically detect, for each date, allotments. Once an allotment is detected, WooDoo should automatically decrease the availability while sending it to all OTAs.

What do you think about it?

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