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Seamless Integration of the Booking Engine
Yellow, it was good to talk via the chat system. Thank you.

I want to reiterate our aims. These are very important to us. Whether we use WuBook for all our resorts (12 currently) is determined by being able to work with wubook as we need / want.

Our aims are simple to define, complex to meet

  1. Embed booking functionality, as much as possible, within our websites so we have a "native booking engine" for our clients
  2. Be able to feed the channels with inventory at standard rate +% e.g. if the standard rate is £50 per night we feed £50 + 10% (which is £55) say to the channels such as booking.com etc.
I understand there is some complexity with regards 1. However, there are few professional solutions providers that cannot implement booking engines within websites so I am hopeful we will have a solution.

With regards 2, I have tried to find documentation on how to do tihs but so far cannot find anything useful. I think it is possible with Virtual Rooms but I need help in understanding and implementing this activity.

This is the help I need to choose WuBook over other solutions providers.

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