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Seamless Integration of the Booking Engine
Hi Dave,

I attach an exmaple of CSS file. You can build your own CSS and we
will include it on the engine. Notice that the theme I attach is one
of the most complex. It includes also custom images.

A css allows you to:

1) hide contents
2) customize styles
3) many more

Probably, this is the best solution.

Another solution is Wired and/or Fount: this allows you to extract
prices and availability from our server. Then, you can use the Aliens
plugin to insert a reservation.

But in my opinion using our booking engine is not only very easier,
but very superior too!

Another solution is to describe in details what you dislike on our
Online Reception: we're always very careful about user wishes and
maybe your ideas will be good to globally improve.

Let me know if I can help you to better understand things!

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