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WuBOOK Joomla Plugin not working
(01-07-2014, 08:00 PM)steel Wrote: Hi Dave,

the limitation relates to Joomla: if a plugin uses the data of a module, the module must be active on the same page. I'm planning to develop another module or plugin to solve this issue, but I don't know the timing.

"At the moment I suggest you use a module to load html + js until I find a solution" <-- I mean to use another Joomla resource to paste the iframe code inside your pages.

I have already done this Steel. I used the joomla Sorcerer plugin to show the iframe in content. It works very well - see http://www.flamingoresortbodrum.com/wubook. This makes it unnecessary to use the module. In fact the module is a problem because it wants to take the user to an external page on your secure server. That's good for security but breaks the integrated feel of the BE as being part of our website. The widget also has display problems if used in a 250px wide module, the calendar only 1/2 shows!

So, although we have a few problems left to solve re styling etc of the BE, it looks pretty good our our old website. The next challenge is how to make it work in our new mobile responsive website we are having developed as I don't think the BE is mobile responsive so we need a different solution. Any ideas?

Hi Dave,

nice to know that you solved! The module+plugin we developed is usefull for those people they self manage their websites but with a low level of knowledge.

About the online reception, it is fully responsive. What kind of issue did you found?

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