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Dears WuBookers,

we need you! We are ready to launch the version of Fount for Trivago metasearcher. So we are looking for testers.

So, as for TripAdvisor, Trivago applies a Pay per Click model to its campaigns, but it has no yearly nor monthly fees instead. You just pay for the clcks. Campaigns are different by language markets. I mean you have the option to make a High Profile Campaign or a Normal one, for each market.

Obviously, if you are not located in a very competitive area (like London, Paris or Berlin for example) my suggestion is to stay in Normal profile, to reduce costs. As you do not have a lot of competitor, you'll have good visibility same way.

We add the 4% to Trivago costs and we are managing payment from an administrative point of view. So, we pay Trivago for the licks and charge you (again, coins) for the full service: clicks cost+4%. Same way as for Google Hotel Finder but different from TripAdvisor.

More infos on our extranet at Administration/Fount/Trivago.

As to award the volunteers to test Trivago connection, we'll offer all the love we have to you!!

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