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PROBLEMS with Reports and STATS
I just realised that the Booklands Stats cant be done for one month. Obviosly you can choose the dates but the Report that comes up is actually allways the same ( for the last 90 days)
Guys , please fix this problem asap. This is one of the most important tools for us that are doing sales and marketing part. We have to give monthly reports to the owners and all the MONHTLY statistics...how many bookings from Expedia...how many days in advance...how many nights sold ( BTW in the section Number of nights in a month it gives you number of bookings ) etc.
We need this asap. I was shocked when I figure out that I was giving false reports for the last 4 month. You know what I mean with this.....people make bad decisions with no statistics

Thank you

it sounds like a bug, not intentional. Just to be sure: do you mean the Bookland Report, where you choose a starting date and a number of weeks? If yes, are you claiming that, indipendently by the chosen date, report is always the same?
It is a bug. 100%.
Bookland Stats not Reports. Reports are for" Type of Request" , "Conersion" etc from our Website .
"STATS" are important. Check stats please

Thank again
Hi DK011,
now bug should be fixed by green.
I just checked, but please check You too and let us know if now it's all right.
Thank You!
Thank you guys. I just checked with my tablet and everything seems to be fine. I'll check it again tomorrow.
You guys are very fast in solving problems.
Thank you

P.s. Numero di "prenotazioni completate" equivale al "numero di notti prenotate in un mese". Il numero dovrebbe fare vedere le notti prenotate , perciĆ² dovrebbe essere decisamente maggiore.

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