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"Au Revoir" plugin improvement
Hello, dears!

Our guests make often reservations trough OTA's, they choose conditions, but forgot to read about down-payment, taxes and fees. They even don't ask at arrival, even the bill is showed and signed by the customer at arrival. For this reason, we got a bunch of negative reviews stating that we've overcharged the guest (obviously, they forgot to read about the city tax and service fee not included in the price). This is why we decided to send an automated "welcome" message to all customers that make the reservation trough OTAs, using the "au revoir" plugin, explaining and asking again to carefully read all conditions taxes and fees that have been chosen, altogether with some extra services that we can provide. All works well, bad reviews nearly stopped.

The problem is:

"Au revoir" plugin will re-send the e-mail if a reservation is modified, dubbing the information. Some OTAs send notices of modification even the customer asks if they have towels in the room... So, if the guests puts 10 questions (stupid or not), they will receive 10 times the same e-mail.

What I purpose:

Please consider to improve the plugin so that "Au Revoir" behave differently if it treats of a new reservation or if it's about a modification.

I hope that this idea is a good one (any opinions?)

Keep on the good work! Shy

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