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Invoices: news and info to survive
Dear Zakers,

For some days we are working at full capacity to release important changes regarding the management of customers. With these updates you will be able to invoice clients / agencies / companies easily.

Here is the detailed list of changes added:

- during the creation of a manual booking, you can now retrieve customer details directly from the database by clicking on the icon shaped like a magnifying glass, placed just before the Customer Name field;
- When you create a new reservation, in case the customer does not exist already, will be added into the customers’ database automatically;
- When creating a new booking, if this is an individual, his personal data will be directly added into the details of his first room booked;
- we have added a button that looks like a diskette in the booking details used to add to the clients file all guests associated to the reservations coming from the web or guests associated with the reservations that have been created previously to the latest updates in question;
- Next to the name of the booker at the top in the details of the booking, we added a button "Change client" useful to replace the main customer withdrawing it from the archive or by creating a new one;
- In the invoicing process, just below the dropdown that allows you to choose who to bill in the Account, you will find an item "Show Customers Names," useful to specify the names of the guests occupying the room in case the invoicing is aimed to companies or agencies;
- To the file invoices, was added the button "Issue the next document n ° X with an external program or manually", useful to continue/increase the numbering in the case where the documents have been issued manually or by other software and not relative to a specific reservation;
- In the aim of simplifying your life as much as possible, has been added to the list of documents options (Configurations - documents) the ability to specify whether to use the header automatically from Zak or create it manually:
- If enabled, the automatic header in the invoices will display the data previously entered in the reservation: the address information, the city, the zip code, the nation and VAT and the "Edit" button will make it possible to re define, even at a later stage: VAT number and / or social security number, without any formatting;
- If you enable manual instead, the header of the invoice will show exactly what you want to specify in each case, including formatting;
Last but not least, all the controls have been strengthened to avoid duplicating information and soon will be included new options for the management of registration cards of incoming customers.

To go into detail and help you understand better how to invoice clients on the basis of the amendments above, the steps to follow and known cases can be summarized as follows:

1) The insertion of a new reservation: if during creation of the reservation, you are already aware that those who book are individuals, we proceed as regularly done so far. In this case the customer type corresponds to the type "Customer".
The personal data placed on Zak at check-in will be included automatically in the header of the invoice. By using the "Edit" button on the preview, is always possible to modify data.
In the other hand, if during insertion of a new reservation, you already know that the booker is an agency or a company is helpful to specify already at this stage the "type" (Agency or Company). By doing so, the reservation is directed to the agency / company and with the notepad icon that appears next to the name you are going to enter all billing information. At check-in you are going to enter the individual guest names with the normal procedure (Insert Customer) and you can choose during invoicing whether or not to specify the names of the occupants with the button "Show customers’ names."
The icon of the Notepad that appears in the details alongside the name of the booker at the top right or alongside the client's name in the space reserved to insert client´s details. From here you can always modify / add the details of the invoice.

2) However, if the reservation is for an individual (customer) and only during the check-out comes the need to bill to a specific VAT number, you must click on the notepad and change the type of customer from "Customer" to "Employee".

Automatically, Zak will show the possibility to specify the data of the company to bill (name, address and VAT number). As a result, in "Issue bill" you can choose to bill the customer or the company.
The data of the company may still be modified using the button "Edit Company Information" that will appear only if the client´s status is set to "Employee".

3) In any case listed above, if you were to assign the reservation to a customer, a company or an agency, you can always change the booker using the "Change client".

Customer: corresponds to all normal guests, so individuals who do not need to specify any VAT number;
Employee: refers to the status of the guest that needs to specify a third party VAT number (whether it’s VAT number of his company or a third party);
Agency: may correspond to a travel agency that provides reservations;
Company: may correspond to a company / firm that provide reservations;

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