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Bookable two years in advance

It seems like all data is updated for the next two years. Can this automatically be
limited to just one year? A client is complaining that he cannot update all exposition
prices two years in advance. Thank you for your help!

Hello there!

OTAs are requiring datas, so that we need to send them for all the period you are active. So, basically (and it depends on OTA policies) you need to speak to them if you want to limit their "bookable" frame.

Another way is to send a close to sell for the future years you so not want to sell!

Let us know if you need further infos.

Regards :)
Thank you for quick answer!

I currently use a workaround: In the room settings I give every room an availability
of 0 (zero) since we set the actual daily availability for one year. Now it looks correct
in the calendar (tabla).

I hope this also works. If you think this is a bad idea, please let me know. Thanks!
well, the concept is the same, but if there are already reservations for future periods in which you so not want to receive any more..I suggest to also put close to sell.

In this sense, even if there were any cancellation, (with positive availability restablished), rooms wouldn't be book again ;)


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