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WuBook Best Prices has finally arrived!
Dear Zakers,

we are happy to announce that the price integration between Zak and WuBook is here!

Let's dive into the details:

- This new feature can be configured at the bottom of the Pricing Page. It's disabled by default, to enable it check the Enable box in the Pricing Page and save.
- The options (Sum Adults and Children; Calculate Average) are described in detail inside the help box, accessible by pressing the ? button near the name of the feature.
- WuBook Best Prices it is also settable as default plan in the Pricing Page.
- You can use WuBook Best Prices as any other Pricing Plan, except it's not direcly configurable from Zak.
- When creating a reservation it is now possible to choose the WuBook Best Price, if not already default, from the pricing menĂ¹.
- When inside a reservation created using WuBook Best Prices, it is possibile to Reset WuBook Prices, to update the pricing after any change that might have occured.
- Recalculate the price is disabled with reservation created using WuBook Best Prices, to reset enter the details and press Reset WuBook Prices.


Waiting for the complete integration of the WuBook pricing management, it is possible to enable this settings to inherit its prices applying the daily 'WuBook best price' to your manual reservation on Zak.

Treath childrens as adults:
As of now, the prices obtained from WuBook doesn't count the childrens. In case your business model need to count the children, is possible to treat them as adults, by enabling this option. In this case, a pax 2 adults and 1 children will inherit the price for 3 adults.

Calculate medium price for non-existing pax:
When creating a reservation with a pax without the equivalent price on WuBook, for example when setting 4 adults for a room which on WuBook has been set up for a maximux pax of 3 adults and 0 children, it is now possible to choose if recalculate the price or leave it to 0 by enabling or not this option.

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