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Lastminute Leaves Sabre
Dear users,

we're here to inform you about some changes regarding LastMinute OTA connection.

Some months ago LastMinute OTA left the Sabre group in order to merge with Bravofly Rumbo Group, now renamed lastminute.com Group.

Starting from the 9th of September 2015, WooDoo updated its XML connection with LastMinute. If, before, it used to be managed via Sabre, LastMinute connection is now fully indipendent.

For the WuBookers already using this connection, the migration has been quick and transparent; the channel is fully operative. User-side changes involved just the name of the channel, which is now called Lastminute, and not Sabre.

For WuBookers who aren't yet connected and would like to have their lodgings on Lastminute,com, we invite them to fill the form below.

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