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Restyling is coming! A new graphic style!

I write also here just to inform you that in the next few days we will produce some graphic changes, to improve the graphic, the style and the usability of the WuBooK extranet; therefore, some graphic errors may occur, but we will retain the full control on them and we will be able to solve them promptly.

We are continuing to refine the WuBooK look, so the next changes will represent only the beginning of a route with the purpose to improve your usage experience and the look of WB in the world!

We need some time to not swoop on the scene in an impetuous way, considering that a lot of you use the control panel as a “daily compass”; at the same time, introducing little continuous changes, our systems will be not too loaded, avoiding also to slow your actions.

As you already know, we prefer to proceed step by step because the way is long and there are many things to do!

For all details, you can read the article on Wong.

See you soon with other news!


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