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News on WooDoo
Dear WuBookers,

Thanks to your comments and suggestions and the hard work of our developers, we are happy to announce 4 new updates in WooDoo.
Small upgrades (or great, depends how you look at it) that make more useful and easier the Channel Manager.

This is a brief breakdown of these features - detailed information can be found in our Blog.
1. We have simplified the channels´ configuration process and we have made more understandable the management of configuration errors.
2. The Reservation Errors page has been enriched with detailed information on the cause of error.
3. It is now possible to select which notification errors you´d like to receive by email.
4. Prices sent to the portals can now be rounded up to show them in a nicer/easier format.

We hope you find these features of use. Should you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us.
This forum is the right place to do so.


We are glad to see your latest updates on WooDoo!
In the event of an error during re-configuration an error message will be displayed explaining the cause (wrong credentials, no rooms found, connection problem, etc.)
We would like to know more precisely what kind of errors can be displayed during re-configuration? Wrong credentials, no rooms found, connection problem and what else? Do you have screenshots of all this errors?
Thank you in advance!
Hello there!

Thanks for your consideration. We must say that currently, errors are not completely uploaded. Not all of them at least.


Well, they are a lot and different for each OTA!
We are adding OTA after OTA and it is a low priority task obviously.

Moreover errors are sometimes unknown and we have to request clarifications to OTA directly..and this takes time.

So, things are improving and errors will be displyed always better :)

Last but not least, we are offering only messages in english. We want to guarantee the correct behaviours before starting translations.

Warm regards

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