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Deletion of Reservation from booking engine
We made a reservation from booking engine and than we tried to delete this reservation as guest through link (but instead of XXX there was looong number:


We input email and # of reservation.
Clicked on Delete the reservation,
and than we saw pop-up window with an error:
"Sorry: it was not possible to cancel your reservation: Invalid Parameters"

Everything seemed correct, but after checking we found out that before e-mail was added invisible tab.
So it looks like we did everything right, and system was not working.

So our suggestion - to avoid this kind of mistakes, can we automatically delete tabs before and after text?

And if we input this invisible tab after reservation number we see new kind of error:

"Sorry: it was not possible to cancel your reservation: There is no such reservation for this property. Make sure you specify a valid reservation code and a valid email address (the same email you used to book your rooms)"

in this way we suggest 3 kinds of errors:

- there is no such reservation for this property
- Make sure you specify a valid email address
- we cannot find your reservation (other reason)
Hello there.

So, first of all, when you receive a reservation confirmation (voucher) as guest, you have a link to cancel this reservation. This link is NOT a loooong number. It is 10 numbers. Same as the reservation code. We have tons of reservations and it should be that long. But, is this a looong link?


I think it is quite "clean" and readable..

About the error you got I think it was 99% your fault. Why? because if you click on the link of the email you received, it directly opens the cancellation page. No issue with it.

You just put the reservation code (10 numbers you can copy/paste from the same email and the guest email address used for the reservation). I already tried many times, with many reservations. All works perfectly.

It will not work ONLY if you are logged into a WuBook account as Hotelier. In that case it won't work but..guests won't be EVER connected as hotelier..

Finally, there is no TABs on email confirmations.

So, please, if you have specific complaints for specific reservations, ask support for it through our support system. We will check it deeply.

Thanks and regards

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