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Problems on Airbnb
Dear WuBookers,

Airbnb is actually in outage. As you know, we have this OTa connected in screenscraping, not in XML. This means that the reliability of this connection is not the same as the XML as we do not have answers from OTA servers.

This being said, we have now experienced problems because Airbnb has changed their extranet organization and our "robots" cannot modify correctly contingents.

It is not easy to manage it but we are working hard to solve it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
is it solved?

We have been able to integrate reservations but the long long queue of updates is still not safely ended. So, please, wait for our final confirmation..but yes, we are close to solve it!

Thanks for all the patience and sorry for the inconvenience..

Is it fully fixed now?
Hello everyone!

The issue is not solved for ALL our customers. There are still ~300 connections that experienced problems yesterday night. The problem seems to be connected with an authentication process through SMS that users should do.

We are obviiouslyworking on it. The rest of customers are correctly connected and working. If you are among those 300 not connected, please get an eye to this thread to be updated.

Stay tuned!
Again me! :P

Now, starting from this last afternoon, number of suspended has dramatically decreased and the flow seems now to be normal (parameters are correct..)

Obviously we won't close our eyes and will keep all the processes as monitored as possible. We will watch all Airbnb connections and generated suspeion either.

We finally hope to announce soon the end of this issue.
Stay in touch

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